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Buy Xanax Mexico Online, Buy Adipex 37.5 Mg

The office is actively involved in research and teaching projects.

In 1993 Nicholas Ray founded the Cambridge Historic Buildings Group. He is the author of numerous articles in professional journals, and the books: Cambridge Architecture – a Concise Guide (C.U.P. 1994), Re Sursele Arhitecturale (Paideia, Bucharest, 2000), Architecture and Its Ethical Dilemmas (Routledge) and Alvar Aalto (Yale University Press).  A monograph on Rafael Moneo, with Francisco Gonzalez de Canales, was published in November 2015 (Yale University Press).  With Christian Illies he published “Philosophy of Architecture”, a chapter in Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Services (Elsevier)

The practice has also contributed to a number of publications including Made, Ecotek, RIBA Journal, Building Design, ARQ and Architects Journal and David Valinsky has recently published  The Architect Speaks: the writings and buildings of Edward Schröder Prior.

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