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Ruabon Park Masterplan

  • March 2015

Wrexham planning committee resolved unanimously, in April 2015, to grant planning permission for the proposed development, in accordance with the officer recommendation.

The ambition to create a mixed-use settlement at Ruabon Park represents a great opportunity to deliver a vibrant, accessible and characterful extension to Ruabon Village, providing for the housing, employment, recreation and education needs of the area for the benefit of the surrounding community.  A vision for the future that builds on the past.

The scheme will provide approximately 300 family houses, a supermarket, employment space with offices and light industrial units, and a hotel.   A plan that delivers a setting with a strong identity and sense of place, that promotes a sense of community and that is sensitive to the character of the area; a plan that can be implemented in coherent stages and that is responsive to the market.

A landscape led approach to the layout, structure, and physical form of the proposals has been adopted in response to the unique qualities of the site – its topography, ecology and micro-climate. An holistic approach to economic, social and environmental sustainability should ensure the proposals are viable, integrated with established settlements and well connected to the existing infrastructure.

Abbey Mills Masterplan

  • June 2014

“The Riverine Centre will stand as a beacon of excellence: as a piece of world-class architecture; as an expression of genuine civic pride for Newham; as a notable example of much-needed private-sector, community-led regeneration; and as a potent symbol of our tolerant and welcoming society.”  C.Boyle QC

There are fewer more difficult sites to develop in the UK than this 6 hectare post-industrial wasteland in East London. The site is highly contaminated, having been occupied for over 100 years by a chemical works, and is disconnected from its surroundings as a result of the surrounding infrastructure. Channel Sea River to the East, the tube line to the south and a raised sewer to the north east effectively isolate the triangular site. Our masterplan for a mixed-use scheme centred around a large mosque attempts to stitch the area into its surroundings. Proposals include the provision of 291 apartments, an enterprise centre, Islamic library, refectory and a mosque for a congregation of 9500. New vehicular links are proposed across Manor Road and under the tube line. Pedestrian links anticipate the arrival of the FAT walk.

Clare Hall Masterplan

  • June 2014

“The practice works with real insight into the needs of graduate students and produces elegant buildings that are responsive and practical for their inhabitants.” Dame Gillian Beer, Feb 2012

We prepared a Master Plan for the development of Clare Hall’s Herschel Road site and have been implementing it over a 20 year period.

Village Extension Kent

  • April 2014

As well as providing 450 dwellings, the site to the north of Canterbury will act as an extension to the village, providing amenities such as allotments, playing fields, a local centre and a number of pocket parks and public orchards. The new development, arranged as a loose grid of small blocks, clustered around the green spaces,  will achieve a density varying between 25 and 50 dwellings per hectare. Densities at the perimeter – where the development meets the existing village – will be low and will build up towards the heart of the new development. A tree-lined avenue, prioritising pedestrians and cycles, will link the new and old areas of the village and will continue to the southern development site.

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