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“Given the physical stature of the building, the intelligence of the architectonic solution, the grace and subtlety of the architectural language and the pallet of proposed materials and detailing, [we] can be confident that this is a building which will, justifiably, rank itself with the major religious buildings of Europe.” C.Boyle QC

The 6 hectare post-industrial site in East London, is highly contaminated and poorly connected to the surroundings.  Channel Sea River to the East, the tube line to the south and a raised sewer to the north east effectively isolate the triangular site.  Our proposals for a large mosque for c. 9500 worshippers, including a visitors centre, Islamic library, and refectory will transform the site – opening it up to the public for recreation and leisure.  The future development of neighbouring sites is also promoted through the provision of a new vehicular link across the site.  Pedestrian routes within the site anticipate the arrival of the FAT walk and new connections to West Ham and Bromley-By-Bow.


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