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Abbey Mills Masterplan

  • 18 Jun

  • Admin06

“The Riverine Centre will stand as a beacon of excellence: as a piece of world-class architecture; as an expression of genuine civic pride for Newham; as a notable example of much-needed private-sector, community-led regeneration; and as a potent symbol of our tolerant and welcoming society.”  C.Boyle QC

There are fewer more difficult sites to develop in the UK than this 6 hectare post-industrial wasteland in East London. The site is highly contaminated, having been occupied for over 100 years by a chemical works, and is disconnected from its surroundings as a result of the surrounding infrastructure. Channel Sea River to the East, the tube line to the south and a raised sewer to the north east effectively isolate the triangular site. Our masterplan for a mixed-use scheme centred around a large mosque attempts to stitch the area into its surroundings. Proposals include the provision of 291 apartments, an enterprise centre, Islamic library, refectory and a mosque for a congregation of 9500. New vehicular links are proposed across Manor Road and under the tube line. Pedestrian links anticipate the arrival of the FAT walk.