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“Architect Richard Owers gave this Twenties bakery in Cambridge a new lease of life, creating a modern home while acknowledging the building’s culinary past.” Grand Designs Magazine, May 2015.


In October 2010 Richard Owers spotted a ramshackle bakery and detached baker’s house in the south of Cambridge. The bakery building, more recently used as a launderette, was disused and boarded up. The two-up two-down free standing house had been privately rented and was in very poor condition. The two buildings were stranded behind a parade of shops within a sea of car parking at the end of a tar mac drive. As separate units the two existing buildings had little obvious appeal. The commercial property suffered from being hidden away beyond the shopping street, and the house was small and lacked privacy. As a place to live it had little going for it – or that was the general perception!


“Wherever you look in The Nook, it’s clear a great deal of thought has gone into every element of the design.”  Cambridge Magazine September 2014.

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