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House in Andover

  • 06 Jan

  • Admin

“This is a very successful addition to a thatched cottage in Hampshire. The Extension is undoubtedly a great contrast to the brick, flint and thatch building and represents a clear decision to establish the new work as an architectural entity in its own right. Nicholas Ray has designed an elegant, light pavilion alongside the substantial more earth-bound cottage. The architect has provided a conservatory and pergola as a base for gardening and a bright and sunny studio room for indoor pursuits. All these activities are confined to the easily run extension leaving the old cottage as a repaired, comfortable series of living rooms. This simple, clear-cut solution to the problem posed by the brief has within it more complex aesthetic benefits. It is unlikely that any attempt to build ‘in keeping’, ie with flint and thatch, would have been successful. Instead, while designing a new building of great integrity, great care has been taken to site the extension where it will fit best. The ramped earth bank holds the new building firmly to the ground and minimises its scale. The reflective double-glazing of the studio reflects the trees and sky and helps the new building to recede into the landscape. This is a beautifully detailed job.”

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