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Department of Engineering

  • 29 Apr

  • Admin06

“Thanks for all your hard work on this project. This is a real landmark and a success — we have a really good-looking, functional design for the first phase at the right sort of price and it fits with a well-considered long-term plan for the site. Brilliant!”

Philip Guidford, May 2009

We were commissioned by the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering to undertake a feasibility study to investigate the capacity of their central Scroope House site.  We undertook this in two stages and reported to the University’s Estate Management Service as well as to the Head of Department.  Numerous meetings were held with members of the separate divisions in this, the university’s largest department.

The Scroope House site has been patched up in an ad-hoc manner over the years, and we aimed to show how its efficiency could be enormously improved by rationalising its circulation and initiating a process of phased re-development.  The second stage investigation examined alternative design proposals in detail.

We showed how important it was to use first phase accommodation as de-canting space to allow future phases to take place.   Subsequently, to cater for its ever-expanding needs, the Department has started on a new building on an adjacent site, leaving the problems of the Scroope House site as yet unresolved.