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Clare Hall Pippard Building

  • 06 Jun

  • Admin06

“Vibrant and imaginative architecture that not only moves forward the boundaries of innovation but also offers practicality and sympathy with surrounding structures and landscapes.” Ed Jarron, Feb 2012

We prepared a Master Plan for the development of Clare Hall’s Herschel Road site. The building form and pattern follows closely the principles established by Ralph Erskine, the architect for the College in 1968. There are no corridors in the new buildings, so that in this graduate building students emerge from their rooms into a daylit space from which the new courtyard can be overlooked. The building obtained a Civic Trust Commendation, and was reviewed in the RIBA Journal, and appeared in “Home, a place to live” (RIBA Housing Design Awards).

As the college has grown, the social facilities for fellows and students needed enlarging. Rather than alter the existing building we recommended providing a new social facility in the garden between the main building and the neighbouring house, Elmside. It contains a bar, meeting room and TV room and is sited so that it is engaged with an existing pathway amongst the trees.

West Court is formed by the Paul Mellon Building containing 11 flats for visiting Fellows and the Robert Honeycombe building which provides 13 graduate study bedrooms. The flats are two-way facing, four to a staircase, and with the exception of a disabled person’s flat, have two bedrooms. The study bedrooms are mostly south facing looking over the garden, the first floor rooms having small balconies. They are entered from a generous double-height gallery lit from above and from each end by large high level windows. The project also included refurbishing and extending a swimming pool and gymnasium, and a new tennis court.