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Blacktrace Office HQ Royston

  • 17 Nov

  • Admin

Architects are only ever as good as their clients. It is credit to Blacktrace that their project to convert an industrial unit into a headquarters to house over 100 staff was completed within budget and in less than five months – from concept to completion.

Blacktrace is an extraordinary business, and an inspiring client; it was that combination and the previous experience of building a house for the founding partner, Mark Gilligan, that has added to the success of the project. A large part of creating a decent working environment is the provision of well-considered social and non-desk space to encourage social interaction and the sharing of ideas. Blacktrace instinctively recognise the benefits of such spaces and were supportive of our somewhat radical concept of placing an open theatre in the middle of the office.

Job satisfaction works on many levels, but nothing beats the gratification of witnessing a large organisation responding positively to a finished project.