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Buy Xanax Uae, Buy Xanax Hoodie

Richard Owers is a director of NRAP Architects, and the former Chairman of the Cambridge Association of Architects.  He has also acted as a design panel member for both SHAPE East and the Cambridge Design and Conservation Panel and on the editorial board of the Cambridge Architecture gazette.

Richard studied at the University of Edinburgh and trained at Edward Cullinan Architects.  From 1992 he worked in private practice in Berlin. As an associate at Wuttke & Ringhoff he collaborated on two competition-winning schemes for public buildings: Weimar City Hall and Meiningen Town Hall.  He returned to England in 1997 and joined Penoyre and Prasad Architects where he worked as an associate on a number of arts, education, health care and housing schemes, including a sustainable housing development for the regeneration of Gravesend in Kent.

Richard set up Plastik Architects in London in 2002, was short-listed for “Young Architect of the Year” in 2007 and joined forces with Nicholas Ray to create NRAP architects in 2007.  He has been a visiting tutor and internal examiner at the University of Wales in Cardiff, and has acted as an independent design consultant to the Kent Architecture Centre.  He has written articles on urban design and sustainable architecture for “EcoTech” magazine, developed a design module for the Open University, and contributed to professional journals in Britain and Germany.  Since September 2006 he has been living in Cambridge where he continues to combine full-time professional practice with occasional teaching.

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