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James was an undergraduate at Clare College Cambridge, where he proceeded to a PHD in atmospheric science, exploring the many and varied interactions between air quality, climate and global vegetation. The opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment was a key motivation in James’ decision to begin studying architecture and this continues to inform his interests in environmentally sensitive and low energy design. His subsequent BA in Architecture was at the University of Lincoln.

He has previously worked for the University of Cambridge, the British Antarctic Survey, and most recently the Institute of Forest Research at the University of Birmingham. In addition to eight years’ postdoctoral research, James has experience of coordinating a European thematic project on behalf of the European Commission (‘Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security – Global Atmospheric Observations’) and fostering national and international research collaborations, including between academia and industry.

Within NRAP, James is in charge of developing our Building Information Modelling, to include rigorous environmental performance analysis.

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