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Cheap Xanax Pill Press - Buy Valium Diazepam Uk

Night Classes at EF School

  • December 2014

The school opened two weeks ago and the building maintenance manager has sent us this photo of the new classroom block and main entrance at EF on Hills Road. Recently completed energy calculations demonstrate that the extension achieves an “A” rating.

Cav Ave at Dawn

  • December 2014

Adams and Newman Contractors have completed the refurbishment and extension of 32 Cavendish Avenue.  Andrew sent us this shot taken at 7am on the morning of the handover.  Who else gets up this early?

Cav Ave nearly there…..

  • December 2014

Plywood lining to the staircase has been installed and is looking splendid.

Burgers, Beer + Banners

  • December 2014

Our 25 year celebration, bathed in glorious winter sunshine, was full of good cheer. We hope our guests enjoyed themselves and to those of you who didn’t manage to get a burger, we will provide more next time we celebrate…… which will surely be sooner than 2039 !

NRAP Celebrate 25 Years

  • December 2014

We are having an open house in parallel with the Mill Road Winter Fair, on Saturday 6th December from 11am until 4pm to celebrate 25 years in business. Please join us for jazz, drinks, food and an exhibition of our work.

NRAP School Days

  • December 2014

Here is a short clip of the central atrium at EF, taken with my shaky iPhone.  Each classroom has a translucent screen that allows projected images to be seen in the classroom and the atrium simultaneously.

Buy Liquid Xanax Online

EF Move to New School

  • December 2014

NRAP Architects are pleased to announce the completion of a multi-million pound highly innovative project to refurbish and extend EF Language School on Hills Road in Cambridge. Proposals were 5 years in the making and received planning permission last summer. Balfour Beatty, the main contractor, started construction last Autumn and completed the work in a little over 14 months.

The progressive design creates a relaxed and studious atmosphere. Twenty naturally lit and naturally ventilated classrooms are arranged on two levels around a series of linked communal spaces and a double height atrium.  Translucent glass screens in place of white boards allow projected images to be simultaneously viewed in the classroom and the atrium space. North-facing roof lights within the extension provide a high level of natural lighting without generating glare or overheating. Floors have been removed within the retained building to create a dramatic triple-height space in the heart of the institution.  Elsewhere floor levels have been adjusted to allow disabled access to every room.  The relatively compact layout and deep plan creates an energy efficient envelope, enclosing well-lit and generous spaces. Sustainability measures also include an array of solar cells on the roof and high levels of insulation within the new extension.

This year NRAP Architects are celebrating 25 years in business.  The completion of this building is certainly something for them to celebrate.

Buy Ambien Zolpidem Online