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Buy Klonopin In Uk : Order Adipex Online Cheap

Rafael Moneo

  • October 2014

Nick Ray and Francisco Gonzalez have co-authored a critical study of Moneo’s career – not only his many built works but also his contribution to teaching and his writings. It is due to be published in June next year.

An Architect Speaks

  • October 2014

David Valinsky has added to the flurry of writing through his book on Edward Schröder Prior, to be published on 1st November 2014 and available from the RIBA bookshop.

Edward Schröder Prior is best known today as the designer behind some of the most inventive and uncompromising interpretations of Ruskinian craft architecture that the English Arts and Crafts Movement Produced. An Architect Speaks presents for the first time a collection of Prior’s writings, together with a much wider selection of his buildings than has ever before been published. The book reveals a much more complex output than might be assumed from Prior’s Arts and Crafts associations and explores his complimentary roles of architect, polemicist, historian and teacher.

Philosophy of Architecture

  • October 2014

The Cambridge Architectural Press have just published Nick Ray’s latest book that he co-authored with Christian Illies, which provides a brief introduction to philosophical ideas and how they intersect with architecture: its reception and appreciation as well as its practice.


EF is the new black

  • October 2014

The new school for EF in Hills Road should be opening its doors to students very soon.

Reflections on Cav Ave

  • October 2014

The kitchen cabinets arrived from Italy a couple of weeks ago with instructions…. in Italian.   Now installed they are looking pretty splendid.  Italian’s not so difficult after all.

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