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Buy Valium From Thailand Online - Buy Cheap Zolpidem Online

Photo shoot at The Nook

  • July 2014

After a thorough tidy up The Nook was ready for the photo shoot at the weekend.  Grand Designs sent a photographer for the day to struggle with the extreme weather – tropical storms and blazing sunshine.  An open fire was required to set the desired ambiance and add to the 30 degree external temperature!



Rock Road Library

  • July 2014

NRAP Architects have been commissioned by the Friends of Rock Road in conjunction with Cambridgeshire Libraries, to prepare a plan to improve the environmental performance of the existing building, enhance its architectural features and increase the flexibility of interior and exterior spaces.  The library already fulfils an important role within the local community. The ambition is to transform it into a more vibrant local “hub”.

EF site progress

  • July 2014

A view from the villa roof to the extension showing the north facing roof lights, and a picture from within the extension.

Website launch

  • July 2014

Thank you to Aidan at Aiddesign for updating our website.
Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online Uk

NRAP at Cav Ave

  • July 2014

Work to renovate and extend a house on Cavendish Avenue for a pair of lawyers is proceeding well. The roof lights were installed today and the sliding windows (a tour de force) are due to arrive soon after the Tour de France!

Buy Diazepam Edinburgh